Real estate Alphonse Karr à Nice Prix M² .

Real estate Alphonse Karr à Nice Alphonse Kaar à Nice CARRE D OR Fondée en 1980. Agence GOUNOD

Alphonse Karr was a French novelist, journalist, and critic, known for his wit and humor. He is perhaps best known for his work "A Tour Round My Garden" ("Voyage autour de mon jardin"), which reflects his love for nature and gardening. Karr's writing often combined keen observation with philosophical musings, making him a beloved figure in French literature. However, whether he was "nice" or not is subjective and can vary depending on individual perspectives and interpretations of his work and personality.

Estimation appartement dans le quartier des Musiciens au 27 Rue Alphonse karr à 06000 à Nice « Palais Escurial ».

Prix m² moyen entre 5950€/m² et 7900€/m². Pour plus de renseignement, appelez directement l’agence Gounod du lundi au samedi, au 04 93 88 51 65. et /ou

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